Sold Out World Premiere

Our trip to the Nashville Film Festival was nothing short of amazing. We were honored to sell out at the Sunday showing, have Ms. Betty Louvin, Sonny, and Charlie's grandson in the front row, among family and friends who attended was only fitting. The panel discussion afterwards shed light on Charlie as a person and artist. Rodney Crowell, Jim Lauderdale, Brett Steele, and Peter Cooper shared the conversation with Keith and Blake, a great review of the entire event is can be found under press, "The Boot". Everyone shared in the tribute, many thanks.

Our film featured at Nashville Film Festival 2012

Devil’s Cage Productions is proud to announce our selection in the 2012 film lineup. Our film will premiere April 22 at 3:45 PM and April 23 at 12:45 PM (<a href="" title=""></a>). Blake Judd and Keith Neltner will also contribute in an Americana Music Association sponsored panel discussion about the film and Charlie’s life. Joining them for the discussion will be moderator Peter Cooper, Brette Steele (Charlie’s manager), and Jim Lauderdale (singer/songwriter). A limited number of the 1,000 DVDs run will be available with all proceeds going directly to Ms. Charlie Louvin.

Congrats to George Jones & Alison Kruass

We're very honored that last night two members of our cast were recognized at the Grammys. George Jones received a Lifetime Achievement Award and Alison Krauss won 2 more Grammys making her the most celebrated female vocalist of all time with 28. These two amazing artists were a friends and peers of Charlie and we hope you'll check out the film to learn more.


On December 3, 2011 "Devil's Cage Productions" will release the much anticipated Charlie Louvin documentary. The film features appearances by Charlie, Sonny Louvin, George Jones, Marty Stuart, John McCrea, Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris and chronicles Charlie's resurgence and influence over his 60 + year career and 50th anniversary of the Louvin Brothers release: Satan is Real. All proceeds from the limited edition run go directly to Ms. Charlie Louvin and his family.

In the final stretch

The final edit is due on Monday, October 10th. DVDs duplication and packaging will be produced over the next two weeks. We'll be releasing the film in November, the final date will be issued in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to those who have pre-ordered and if you haven't you best get your copy on order. Check out the preview for the package artwork. Thank you for supporting our project--Devil's Cage Productions.

The film is taking shape.

We've been busy with the project and we've had some additions to the film. John McCrea sat down with us and discussed in length Charlie's impact on him. As well, Ms. Alison Krauss spent time with us June 7th in Nashville. She was such an incredible addition to Charlie's tribute. With all the new material our editing is in over drive. We're working at Neltner Creative this weekend in Camp Springs, KY in a 2-3 day session. Our release goal may push back a few weeks but we just couldn't pass up all the incredible stars aligning, we'll continue to update everyone.

Let's Rattle the Devil's Cage

Today we launch our film's official website. You'll get a sense of what's to come by watching the trailers, reading a bit about how this project came to be, and pre-ordering a DVD if you'd like. This project came together in so many ways, fans supported us, Charlie and his family were gracious during a very tough time to share themselves with us. We're proud and humbled to have known Charlie. Please share what you see and learn here with your friends because as Charlie said, "I was hopin' and prayin' this kind of song would get people to listen again."

And listen we have.


The Charlie Louvin film crew spent some time in Nashville Jan. 20th talking with Mr. George Jones at his home, on the set with Marty Stuart, and John McCrea of Cake at the historic Ryman. They were gracious enough to be a part of our film, talk about some great history, personal moments on the road, and Louvin Brothers' impact on their music and their lives. The filming will wrap after a couple more surprise guest interviews and be moving into post production, targeting a spring release. Please check back often as we'll share how you can pre-order a copy and help Charlie out.